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Life Science

Digital IMS Cloud has migrated number of Bio Tech firms from a manual MS Excel based budgeting and reporting process to centralized budgeting and forecasting systems. Digital offers pre-built biotech models allowing customers to jump start

Milestone based Clinical Trial Models to project clinical trial expenses:
  • Clinical Trial Startup Cost
  • Patient Enrollment Cost
  • Clinical Trial Draft CSR Cost
  • Clinical Trial Final CSR Cost


  • Revenue model to project milestone revenue, collaborative research revenue, product sales revenue by partners/channel.
  • Head Count Planning Model to plan Salary, Bonus, Overtime, 401K, FUTA, SUTA at existing employee and new hires.
  • Capital Planning Model to plan for capital purchases, maintenance, depreciation schedule at asset level.
  • Allocation model to allocate salary, capital depreciation, and department expenses.
  • Board package Financial Statements (P&L, B/S and C/F).
  • Annual Plan, Quarterly Forecasting, 5-Year Strategic Planning.
Why Choose